A brief guide to Black Friday email marketing

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing tips

MailNinja are specialists in the provision of email marketing services to a wide range of clients. As a result, we’ve learned a thing or two about making Black Friday and Cyber Monday email promotions as effective as possible. Here we offer you the benefit of our experience, to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals a runaway success.

Choose your promotions

It sounds simple, but you need to start by choosing what products you’re going to actually promote. Are you going to have a blanket discount across everything you offer? Or are you going to choose certain products on which to offer the discounts? Your first step is always to make sure you’ve clearly defined where your discounts are going to apply, and by how much. Naturally, MailNinja can help you with this.

Be concise

The average email recipient has decided whether it’s worth continuing reading the email inside the first few lines, so you need to cut to the chase. Focus on the key points – what you’re discounting, how much you’re discounting it by, and how long you’re discounting it for. Don’t be tempted to give chapter and verse about your business background, focus on what you want to offer your customers.

Catch the eye

You need to grab your recipients’ attention with your email, which means getting creative with the layout and formatting. Interesting colour schemes, unusual fonts, logos, graphics, .gifs – they can all be used to make your email absolutely unmissable. Remember that most people get their inbox flooded with promotions around Cyber Monday and Black Friday, so you need to make sure you stand out.

Show your products

Customers are becoming increasingly drawn to images rather than copy, so you need to make your promotions more visual. Don’t focus on long-winded product descriptions – instead, try a clear photograph of the product you’re selling with just a few words and the new price. You might be amazed how much more inclined customers are to click when they can actually see what’s on offer.

Types of Black Friday emails you can send

Generating a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign can certainly be a challenge. It’s a busy season with plenty to think about and adding the pressure to produce a show-stopping email campaign can be the straw that breaks the donkeys back. Fortunately, we already know this and we also know sometimes, when we’re struggling to come up with fresh advertising ideas, it can help to break down the success of some past examples. Maybe they’ll jog your memory and you’ll remember that awesome idea you had that slipped away or maybe they’ll inspire a whole new marketing campaign.

1. Nothing but the sale

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 40% OFF shouts the subject line of the email. When opened, the first thing you see is a huge banner with this saving emblazoned across it. From there, the rest of the email further reinforces this one message. The sale is here, but not for long. It’s big, but you’ve got to get here fast. The urgency generated by this style of email motivates the receiver into action, clicking through there and then to take advantage of this great deal. High click-through rate: achieved.

2. The free gift

Sure, for most companies and retailers, merely offering you a one-day saving is enough, maybe a few people will pick up on the offer and make some savings. However, if there’s one thing people love more than a discount, it’s a free gift. With the additional motivation of the free gift, if the customer spends over a certain amount, the chances are they’ll add more to their baskets and spend more money with the end goal of getting their hands on that sweet, sweet free gift.

3. Limited stock

To really emphasise to the customer that this is an awesome deal, mentioning that there is only limited stock available ramps up the urgency of the email. Do you want this deal? You’ve got to buy now! With a proven record of high click-through rates, the added pressure of limited stock provides a reason for the purchase and a time-limit on it.

With these three bold email marketing examples, you can build up a successful campaign of your own. Make the most of Black Friday with a stand-out, bold marketing plan.

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