Black Friday tactics

by | Mon 11 Nov, 19

With only a few weeks left till one of the most significant revenue points of the year, the last-minute panic has started to set in for a lot of e-commerce-based companies, on what should they be pushing this Black Friday.

This year I’m suggesting that you take a different set of actions instead. You have a loyal customer base who buy from you throughout the year. They aren’t going to suddenly stop purchasing from you if you don’t make a Black Friday offer. They are also not going to suddenly spend more than they usually would if you put an offer on. The potential effect is that they will spend the same or less that they typically do. Because you have given them a discounted product or service, all you have done is reduce your profit margin. Sure, if your customers are more sporadic in their spending patterns, then incentivising them to purchase is fine.

Black Friday Strategies

This is what I propose to you for Black Friday 2019, targeted emails to non-purchasers and lapsed customers. For these offered strategies, we are going to assume that the profit margins are 30% and that your products are an item that is likely to be a repeatable purchase.

This can be set up ahead of time and should be set up as an automation process. The trigger being when the audience member has a tag added to it.

Two campaign styles come to mind, the first one being a very plain and simple text-based email campaign, inboxes all over the world are going to be flooded with flashy imagery to try and attract attention, so by going simple, you stand out from the crowd. I would suggest a three-step email, one on Thursday evening, offering a discount of 15%, one on Friday proposing a 20% discount and then a final one on Tuesday (yes after cyber Monday) offering a one-off, last attempt with a discount of 30%. Then back to business as usual

The other is a full re-engagement campaign, and the offer structure may need to be straight into 30% (based on the above) depending on how long since the last time the audience members had engaged with your brand and how much you want to keep them on your list. After this campaign, I would suggest unsubscribing them, just like a typical re-engagement campaign (don’t forget to tell them this is going to happen), it will help to keep your lists fresh and your audience relevant.

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