Email design review: Handy

by | Wed 4 Sep, 19


Simple and clean, however not quite as slick and professional as the Marvel example. The use of text throughout would suggest the email is designed in the scenario images are turned off, but we’ll discuss that shortly!

Email design review: handy

It seems that the headings above the images make way for the images themselves, meaning your eye is drawn to the image first, then to what it’s in reference to above, not ideal!

Email design review: handy

Overall the email is long, it’s only the use of colour and bold images and graphics that keeps you scrolling down. The content could have been broken down and put into 2 or 3 columns where possible, reducing the length of the email.

Email design review: handy

This email is a classic case of ‘throwing in the kitchen sink’. The email seems overloaded with imagery and info, that it loses the message entirely.

On brand

Handy’s website is fresh, light and uses a nice turquoise colour throughout, and although they’ve used similar cartoon style graphics it somehow seems more slick and professional.

Email design review: handy

Mobile view

Not too bad, not too great. The single column email scales and shrinks down. A better solution would be to make the email responsive. The mobile version would still be really long, and as they are a cleaning service with an app, perhaps most people are reading on their phones, but it would tidy the email and make it more inline with their website design and layout.

Email design review: handy


For an email that seems to be made up of a blend of text and images (best practice), it’s strange to see that there aren’t many more lines in this email, it’s only when you get to the bottom you see more… What’s going on?

Email design review: handy

Images turned off

What the frick?

Where’s all the text gone?

Email design review: handy

It appears after all that, this email is made up of all images!!!

There’s 2 lonesome alt tags floating around and the compulsory footer blurb, but this is all images.

Email design review: handy

This is clearly a case of ‘designed in Photoshop, sliced and saved for web, pasted into a template, done’.

Compare this to the last email by Marvel App, where the email was consistently great across desktop, mobile, structured well, and used background images to avoid problems. A well built email by an email geek who knows what their doing. The same cannot be said for this email.

Subject line

Email design review: handy

Short and to the point. I like that. Numbers and lists work really well for clickbait: 101 ways to, 2019 roundup, top 10 ways to… etc


Negativity aside, it’s not long before you hit the CTA, good move ?

Email design review: handy

However, the big rectangle red border shows you that this section is just one big old image – aarrrrggghhh

Email design review: handy

Teachers comments: Must try harder.


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