How can email marketing impact on your search engine rankings?

by | Tue 26 May, 20

Email marketing goes beyond the engagement that it creates with the one to X communications. Depending on how much content you are creating you can use it in a number of ways to boost your search rankings too.

Firstly you can use it a blog page all to itself on your website, creating strong hooks and snippets that go beyond your email content, but at the same time help to drive digital traffic down the right route. For instance, you might be creating daily content, a weekly round-up email goes out, with a short snippet of each post and driving traffic to each of them. On the website you could create a page that has a longer snippet, that has all the phrases that you want to target and help get your site found on search engines.

Another benefit is that it helps to drive engagement, by people reading these blogs and summary blogs, you can encourage them to sign up to have more delivered direct into their inbox, thereby having an SEO and Email marketing benefit.

Now, these are just a couple of the on-site reasons.

Off-site, depending on the way that you construct your emails, but that link you have somewhere on your email that says, view in browser… That is a page, on a high domain authority site with links that point to your site, some of these may even follow links, meaning that they are passing juice to your site. A little win for no extra work. Tick the box during email builds as well to make sure Google Analytic Tracking is enabled and then the links that are clicked on both the extra page and also in the emails are tracked and every time, it is somebody saying yes! I want to see this content, a vote of confidence in who you are and what you do.

Emails also drive a highly engaged and interested audience back to your site (far better than social, these show up in Google as from an email and also that they are returning visitors, these engaged people help to drive the time on site up, the CTR up and also, if you have another action for them to take, they can take that action adding another conversion to the site. (So many little votes of confidence).

Email drives conversions! Fact! And for search optimisation purposes, conversions equal authority and trust from your audience. Each time somebody clicks on your email and then takes an action of buys your product they are saying yes your company and website is trustworthy.

Email also allows you to test things like design and colour on a known audience before unleashing it on to your main digital point of sale. Imagine deciding one day to change the company colours from Blue to Red and seeing your bounce rate go from a respectable 25-30% up to 90% overnight and your sales go from £,000’s to just a few pence. If you tested the colour change with a known audience in emails you might have got a better picture on how your audience would react to it. In an ideal world, you would A/B test the site with the colour scheme too, but for quick testing, with a constant, your email audience is one of your biggest assets for user experience.

Round up – Email helps you to:
• Create additional easy to digest content
• Drive engaged traffic to your website increasing time-on-site and CTR
• Valuable backlinks
• Generate more subscribers
• Allow for various digital tests to be carried out with a constant in place.

Think your email is just an email? It is part of a much bigger strategy that you might not have even realised you were undertaking.

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