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by | Sat 3 Oct, 20

When working as a trainer, coach or consultant, your email marketing strategy should be centred around the content.
When people need advice, you need to exhibit a tone that allows your readers to feel like they can keep coming back for your services, and not just hire you on a one-time basis. You have to make sure you come across as a professional in your field.
Here are our list of top tips, so you can become an email marketing pro in your field of coaching, training or consulting:
  • Offer a free welcome lesson/guide for every person that signs up to your mailing list – The easiest way to lure people into your mailing list is to offer a freebie, people love them as their is no financial or contractual obligation.
  • Speak like a human, spend the time required to get to know your clients – Your clients are looking for training and advice, so the last thing they want is an auto-response to all of their emails. Address them by their name right from the moment they sign up. Relate to their problems, and make your email communications feel like a conversation. In your marketing emails and email guides, ask your readers for how they are doing with your course. Is there anything to improve upon on your end? Has anything improved for them since joining your mailing list?
  • Make use of appraisals and positive feedback – Your courses and guides can’t speak for themselves, as literally anyone can claim they are a seasoned professional. Send out emails to your readers, highlighting recent positive experiences from past clients – These are a great selling tool, without having to boast about your service. It improves collaboration with your readers, and helps them build a sense of trust towards your offering.
When offering professional training, the main thing to remember is that anyone can do the job you do if they speak like a professional – You have to back yourself up, so email marketing must be honest, personable, and proven, either with statistics, appraisals, websites or collaboration.
Also, did you know? 
  • 62% of emails are opened thanks to a personalised subject line (Credit: Campaign Monitor). This can be done by addressing readers by their names when you send emails – It makes your conversations more human, and helps the reader recognise your interest into their opinion!

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