Email marketing for digital agencies

by | Sat 3 Oct, 20

As a website designer or creative digital agency, your email marketing is key – The vast majority of your customers will have access to an email address, so marketing your services through email is one of the best things you can do.
Here are 3 steps to perfecting your email marketing strategy as a website or creative design agency:
check mark button Step 1: Offer a sign-up incentive that impresses new readers
Remember, you’re the expert in the creative field, so give potential businesses an insight into what you can do for them. Offer a couple of free templates in your sign up form, and ask readers whether they would like to begin working with you from the emails following on from their sign up.
check mark button Step 2: Make use of imagery, colour and formatting in your email design
When sending emails to your list of subscribers/readers, you want to incorporate professional imagery, with colours that are vibrant and work together. Remember, your email design should look as good as the websites you construct for your customers, or else they won’t be convinced you know your stuff!
Email marketing for digital agencies
check mark button Step 3: Segment your readers by their industry and budget (If they have a budget!)
Not every business is going to be looking for a simple design. Different industries have different requirements – An eCommerce start-up might need an online store, a payment page, an account page and a landing page. Compare this with a bakers for example (Where everything is sold in person), and you might find they only need a basic website setting up.
Tailoring your email marketing to different industries can give your readers a sense of comfort in knowing that if they were to hire you for website design, you can offer cheaper basic websites, as well as the more comprehensive and structured ones.
Did you know, email clicks can be as much as 100.95% higher from carrying out segmented campaigns, as opposed to non-segmented campaigns? (Mailchimp)
For all of our website designers out there, your email marketing should showcase your expertise, and flexibility in being able to cater to different budgets, industries and tastes. Offer plenty of useful content, and ensure your readers learn some information about website design, so they too can take charge of their website!

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