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Targeted email campaigns are a useful way to generate leads, sales and loyal customers – Getting your email content delivered the right way is very important in the eCommerce industry, as your market can be very saturated.
What can a targeted campaign do for my eCommerce business?
  • Generate new leads
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Build a closer relationship with customers who take an interest in your products
  • Give you the “expert” status – You don’t have to just sell in your campaigns! You can offer tips, tricks and guides for customers too, this improves your image as both a trusted seller, and a master of your craft.
What should I say in my campaigns?
  • Keep things real and honest, don’t showcase your business as something it is not.
  • Ease your readers into your community straight from the point they sign up. This will make them feel welcome, instead of being bombarded with sales pitches.
  • Do offer welcome/loyalty discount promotions. Although sales emails are pushy, everybody loves a good thank you discount every so often!
  • Personalise your campaigns to individual readers – You can do this using Mailchimp’s tag feature. Alternatively, segment your readers into groups based on their interests, tastes, age and location.
  • If you offer services or platforms, use targeted campaigns for new starters and those who submitted their experience level as beginner, or “noob” – This kind of information can be attained using sign-up forms on your website landing page.
How do I build up an email list for my campaign?
You’re ready to start your campaign, but how do you get the readers and potential customers to sign up to your mailing list?
You might be tempted to purchase a list, but the big market vendors can be expensive. It will be better for you to start things off yourself, so you can become an expert like those other email marketing vendors. Here are our top 3 tips to getting started with building your mailing list:
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Include a subscription box on your home page, inviting visitors to subscribe to your email content. You might want to offer them a welcome incentive, such as a free eBook, a downloadable report, or a discount on their first purchase from your online store.
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Utilise offline promotion streams, such as magazines and flyers, but also mix this with use of online channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The more channels you use, the larger pool of potential subscribers you can reach out to.
Tip 3 light bulblight bulblight bulb
Create a sign up form on your product checkout page – When people come to purchase your products/services for the first time, they can be presented with this form. Offer them a discount, useful tips & tricks, promotions, and company updates if they submit their email address.
Email marketing tips for eCommerce
Good luck eCommerce Ninjas!
Remember, email marketing for your eCommerce business doesn’t have to be difficult – The best thing you can do is appear in the right areas at the right time, whether you place your sign up forms on your website, or if you do your promotions through advertisements on social media/magazines. 

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