Email marketing for gyms, fitness centres, health clubs and leisure centres

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What can email marketing do for your business?

  • Give curious non-members an ongoing stream of useful and engaging content, encouraging them to join your centre.
  • Maintain engagement and loyalty for existing members of your centre/gym/club.
  • Showcase how you transform people’s lives, bodies and health, which can motivate people to sign up for real.

Email marketing for gyms and health centres
Here are 6 top tips to transform your email marketing approach into a strong and inspiring force:
1 – Ensure that your mailing list is easy to sign up to – Gyms and fitness centres are aimed at anyone and everyone, so make sure to promote your email marketing everywhere you exist, whether that is in local shops, social media, your website or newspapers.
2 – Send out testimonial emails – Have a member that’s seen a great body transformation? Tell your email subscribers how you helped that person get in shape with your state of the art equipment, personal trainers, or your affordable membership fees.
3 – Utilise visual content (Images, videos and animations) – By this, we mean share your expertise in more than just words! Record some home workouts for those people stuck at home, or hand out diagrams of the body, and suggest the best exercises for each body part.
Did you know? – Emails with video clips can increase your email Click-Through Rates (CTR) by up to 300%. (MTA)
4 – Give existing members shout outs and rewards – People who enjoy fitness will enjoy getting positive reinforcement more. Even more than that, they’ll love a little reward for their hard work (As long as it isn’t fast food!). Hand out gym clothing, give them a month off – This way you’re killing two birds with one stone, as you’re rewarding loyalty, which stems into potential members being more inclined to sign up to your centre/club.
5 – Offer advice on diets and provide shopping tips – You can’t just rely on workouts to get in shape! As a fitness centre or gym, you’ll have instructors who know all about diet plans just as much as they know about exercise routines. Make use of this by emailing your subscribers with new weekly meal prep ideas, as well as ways to save money on those healthy meats, fruits and veg!
6 – Give announcements about your schedule of classes and clubs – People who only go to your centre a few times a month may have no idea when classes take place – Use your email marketing abilities to promote new classes! Tell readers what’s on, when it’s on, where it is happening, and who will be taking charge of the classes. This adds a personal touch, and gives certain people an excuse to get started with a fitness routine, without going in blind.
Overall, we recommend you be yourself! Don’t sell yourself or your instructors as the perfect person for everyone, but tell people over email that you know you can help with their fitness and health goals, whatever they may be!

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