Email marketing for night clubs and music venues

by | Sat 3 Oct, 20

As a club or music venue, you will know how hard it is to maintain customers – There is so much competition out there, and sometimes people tend to jump from club to club when they go out, so how do you use email marketing to win them over for the long haul?

Always take the opportunity to acquire customer’s email addresses

Every chance you get, you should be getting contact details. Especially now with government regulations stating you should take phone numbers, an email address isn’t too much more of an ask, right? By getting emails, you can build a strong list of potential customers you can lure back for future occasions.
Remember, your venue is a place of leisure and fun (A hobby essentially) –  Emails about hobbies have the highest overall open rate (27.74% OR).

Rewards loyal customers who you know well

For those customers you see often, give them some rewards, this can include discounts on tickets, free passes for their friends, or a birthday drink on the house! Keep it creative, and get them to tell their friends about it, so they too can sign up to your mailing list and come along to your club/venue.

Don’t just try to sell to potential and existing customers

If you cater for a certain group of people, such as teenagers or under 30s, perhaps learn what’s trending (Memes, politics, alternative music etc). Get “down with the kids” and share some humorous and/or insightful content once in a while. It might make a reader’s day when they see it, and remind them of why they love your venue!

As a final note, we recommend you utilise email marketing to stay relevant and fresh with what’s going on – Both in the real world, and to provide the world with what is going on at your venue (Artists, DJs, events, offers, promotions etc).

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