Email marketing for recruitment agencies

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The art of keeping your content search-friendly, relevant, and well-timed…
As a recruitment agency, it can sometimes feel impossible to gather potential clients without coming across as a bit of a spammer…
By making use of email marketing, you can generate a list of readers that are actively searching for new staff – The biggest marketing pitfall we see is recruitment agencies trying to promote their services to businesses who aren’t even seeking new employees. This is usually done at random through sites like LinkedIn, and even Facebook.
Email marketing tips for recruitment agencies

So, how do you use email marketing to gather clients properly?

  • Offer a sign-up incentive for businesses that join your mailing list – Provide prospective clients with useful content right from the start, such as free PDF guides for job hunting, training staff, creating job adverts, and reducing staff turnover. 
  • Don’t send too many hard-pressing salesy emails – Businesses aren’t always looking for new staff, so ask them what their situation is. Personalise each email for every business in your mailing list, so you can get a sense of their situation. If you’re just throwing talented employees at random businesses without their consent, they’re not going to open up your emails.
You might want to remember that directors and CEOs can receive upwards of 100 emails per day, so you have to time your emails well (Perhaps just before the start of the day, so you are at the top of their inbox first thing in the morning?).
  • Share your stories, and take snippets from your websites/socials – Email marketing doesn’t have to remain in email. You can guide your readers into your other content areas, such as your website, where you may have testimonials, feedback and pricing models. You might also want to invite them to your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter pages, as this might be where your most captivating content sits.

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