8 email campaign ideas for Valentine’s Day

by | Wed 10 Feb, 21

What’s the best email campaign idea you’ve seen (or can think of) for Valentine’s Day?

To help small businesses with creating a fun and effective Valentine’s Day email campaign, we asked business leaders and HR professionals this question for their best email campaign ideas. From creating a gift guide to incorporating visuals with a call to action, there are several great ideas that may help you to create your Valentine’s Day email campaign.

Here are eight email campaign ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  • Focus on the Pain Point of the Buyer
  • Create a Gift Guide
  • Special Deals
  • Romantic Date Inspirations
  • Don’t Forget About the Singles
  • Imagine How Your Product Can Be Part of the Day
  • Incorporate Visuals With a Call to Action
  • Time It Perfectly

Focus on the Pain Point of the Buyer

With Valentine’s Day, you are promoting your products to someone to purchase on someone else’s behalf, so you want to incentivise the purchase with a discount, and also focus on the pain-point of the subscriber (the buyer) — which is generally that they are stuck for ideas and want to please their loved ones with something special. Use words like special, unique, treat, love, etc to really bring home the idea that your product will be well received and loved.

Doug Dennison, MailNinja

Create a Gift Guide

Let’s face it, most people scroll through pages and pages of products on online stores for their significant other with little to no idea of what to actually get them. That’s why for eCommerce companies, a great idea for an email marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day is to include a gift guide. Within the gift guide, you list a handful of your best selling, curated products so people aren’t scrolling for hours on end and can buy something quickly and hassle-free for their Valentine.

Kayla Centeno, Markitors

Special Deals

A few years ago, I received a great email from a local winery about Valentine’s Day! They were offering special deals on tours and tastings perfect for couples who were looking for something special. From the attention-grabbing subject line, gorgeous photos of the vineyard, and the special deals — that email campaign was a home run.

Brad Sacks, More Than Gourmet

Romantic Date Inspirations

Sometimes couples need some “inspiration” for ways they can spend Valentine’s Day together. That’s why some of the best email campaigns Cruise America has sent around Valentine’s Day have been about “ideas.” Campaigns like “spontaneous romantic RV camping trips” or “romantic places to visit” have inspired couples to do something adventurous while educating customers about different destinations outside of Valentine’s Day.

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Don’t Forget About the Singles

Valentine’s day is a holiday that leaves some feeling lonely or frustrated with their relationship status. Rolling out an ad that explicitly states, “This ad is for all of those who could care less about this holiday, but who love a good sale. This sale is for you babe!” That to me would be the perfect holiday email campaign and would definitely connect with single women on Valentine’s Day.

Stephanie Schull, Kegelbell

Imagine How Your Product Can Be Part of the Day

The best email marketing campaign offers something to do that involves your product or theirs, making them appreciate your product or your expertise depending on the goal of your company. For example, a genius email marketing campaign for a winery would be emailing the list-serve Valentine’s meal that pairs perfectly with one of their wines. It would include all ingredients and directions for how to cook a romantic dinner at home during this COVID Valentine’s Day perfectly paired with one of their wines (bonus points for a recipe for red wine and a recipe for a white wine to cover all bases). One thing I would like to do for our company, a SaaS that serves primarily to event rental companies, is to give them five ideas on how they can repurpose their inventory for a special Valentine’s Day deal. One of those ideas includes renting, delivering, and next-day pickup of a sweetheart table with a fancy tablescape so couples can enjoy COVID-safe romantic meals in their homes.

Karen Gordon, Goodshuffle Pro

Incorporate Visuals With a Call to Action

I follow lots of newsletters for inspiration for my own email campaigns, and I particularly love the Valentine’s Day gift guide from American Apparel. Why is it effective? Direct and to-the-point: The campaign targets both genders, and lists out the most common gifted item for Valentines. The colour scheme is light pink, which is on point with Valentine’s theme. Clear call-to-action after presenting what the readers could expect (list out all the commonly gifted item), the newsletter ends with a simple call to action: “Shop the Gift Guide”. The landing page it points to is relevant to the email visuals.

Jill Sandy, Constant Delights

Time It Perfectly

The best Valentine’s Day marketing idea I have seen came up a few years ago. It was about two to three weeks before the day and I saw an advertisement from a local symphony orchestra offering a package deal for a Valentine’s Day set of tickets. It was perfectly timed – date night solved!

Mark Christensen, People & Partnerships

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