Crafting the perfect ‘Oops’ email for marketing mishaps

by | Fri 17 Jul, 20

Nobody’s perfect! Even businesses, no matter how big or small, mess up sometimes

And if you’re a business who’s looked back at an email horrified to see the wrong discount code, a spelling mistake, or even a marketing strategy that has gone wrong, there’s no need to run about like a headless chicken. Instead, you can look at it as an opportunity – an opportunity to really demonstrate your brand voice, attention to customer care and your ability to professionally handle a little slip-up. But what is the best way to go about correcting an email marketing mistake?

Crafting the perfect ‘oops’ email for marketing mishaps

It’s all about the way you handle it; crafting and sending a response email that will quickly draw attention from the mistake, demonstrate your business’ ability to take responsibility for its actions and even provide additional opportunities to grab your customer’s attention. So, we thought we’d take a look at how you can make sure you’re correcting your mistakes in the best way possible; reaffirming your reputable brand and maintaining the benefits brought about by email marketing.

– Speed is of the essence
Once you’ve discovered your mistake, leave the panicking aside and get to fixing it. Obviously, proofreading and checking email content before it’s sent is a vital step, but more times than we’d like to admit, some mistakes just fly under the radar.

Acting as quickly as you can and sending a response email as soon as you’ve spotted the mistake might even reach your customers BEFORE they’ve opened the original email. Instead of just letting your mistake lie, sending a correction email as quickly as you can not only demonstrate your active presence but your concern for your brand.

– Learn to laugh at your mistakes
The odd typo, incorrect discount code or misleading information doesn’t have to be made into that big of a deal, especially when you’re already onto crafting your response. So have a little fun with it! Using comical quips and references to your mistake in the subject line will not only make your customer aware of the email’s contents, but to show your human side and get people clicking.

Crafting the perfect ‘oops’ email for marketing mishaps

– Be sincere
Although we have reiterated the importance of getting your response email out as soon as possible, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the same amount of care and attention than your usual email marketing content. The bottom line is that your company has made a mistake, and as a service that will pride themselves on customer care and reliability, it’s important to sustain this wherever possible.

So, when constructing your email, be sure to write with the customer/user in mind and how they might have been negatively affected by your mistake. Be sincere, professional and really portray your acknowledgement of the mistake in order to represent how you’d respond to any issue surrounding your business and services.

– Offer compensation
As experts in ecommerce, Limely are strong advocates of always having the user in mind whilst implementing actions. You can apply this to crafting the best correction email, as there is no harm in going above and beyond when apologising to customers.

Alongside your apologetic content, you could fill your email with discount codes, promotions and links to current sales or special offers you may have. This not only allows you to further demonstrate a great level of customer service and care but help you to continue boosting sales and encouraging leads made possible by email marketing.

And there you go! Just remember not to panic the next time your marketing team realises they’ve sent an email out with a typo in the subject line or with a discount code that expired last June. Keep a level head and construct a flawless correction email that will remind your customers why they do business with you in the first place.

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