Benefits of outsourcing your email marketing vs doing it yourself

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Working out the best way to effectively use email marketing is a decision a lot of small businesses find hard to make. 
On the one hand, you have the option to build your email marketing techniques from the ground up, originating your own ideas into practice, and entrusting your own staff that you source. On the other hand, you can outsource your email marketing, to companies who are experts in the field, those who will dedicate their focus on only optimising your email marketing campaigns.
When hiring your own staff to execute email marketing, there are a couple of things you might want to consider:
  • The candidate’s professional qualifications (Degrees, English proficiency etc)
  • The candidate’s professional portfolio – Do they have any samples of work that prove they are worth hiring on an ongoing basis?
  • Have they worked in email marketing – Or is their work history only comprising of generalised marketing support?
If you’re going to be hiring somebody internally, you really want to do your fact checks and ensure they are both qualified and experienced enough to tailor their ability to your business, more specifically, to your business’s approach to email marketing, in order to drive up sales and interactions from your email lists and email subscribers.

Benefits of doing email marketing internally

If you play your cards right, it can be a huge boost to your email marketing campaigns if you have somebody who specialises in that field. Email marketing isn’t much different from other forms of marketing, as long as you know how to create professional designs, or as long as you know your way around an email marketing resource like Mailchimp, you should be set.
An internal team, or just an individual employee, who manages each stage of the email marketing process, will come to know your brand much better than a third-party email marketing company. This level of knowledge and immersion into the business can aid how well your email marketing campaigns perform, especially if you want to showcase products, images of your own team, and your favourite sales lines.
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It can be said too, that internal employees are only working for you, as opposed to email marketing agencies, who may have dealings with several other companies with a similar size to yours – They might even be marketing for one of your competitors (You never know?!) At least you know they are only going to be providing marketing work for your business. 

Why internal email marketing might not be for you

Email marketing is subjective in the matter that many companies need it, but they don’t want to spend much time on it. This is a very valid statement, why would you want to spend half of your day stuck at the office, wondering which subject line is going to work best for your email campaign performance?
This scenario is easily fixed when you choose to outsource your email marketing activities to a third party, you dedicate every part of this process to the agency, and they take care of everything from sending the emails, to managing your email resources (such as email lists in Mailchimp). This becomes a huge weight off your shoulders, as all you need to do is brief the agency on your aim, and wait for them to come back to you with (Most of the time) fantastic results.
Internal email marketing can come with scalability issues – If you need to expand your marketing stance, you’ll have to advertise another job, interview the candidate, train them up, and even then, there is a chance they might not perform as great as you expected. They may turn up for work one day and decide they hate their job and quit – This is far more unlikely when you turn to an agency for your email marketing, as they will be a team of experts, all pledging to provide you the same result – Successful email marketing campaigns.
Having your own staff for email marketing might prove as a dead-weight at times, let’s say you have sent out all of your marketing emails for the current period, you’ve had Black Friday, you’ve done great for your Christmas sales – What now?
If there is no holiday period or reason for people to access discounts or buy in general, you might feel like email marketing is wasted, as engagement levels may decrease as people have less money set aside, and are now heading back to work. The problem in this instance comes in the form of your email marketing staff. Can you afford to keep them at the company for however many weeks or months, without having much work to give to them? 
This is where email marketing agencies come in, you only need to pay for services over a set number of days/weeks or emails. If you get stuck for ideas on what your next email marketing campaign should be, there comes the huge cost of supporting the salaries of internal marketing staff until you need their services again. You don’t have to worry about paying an email marketing agency during your quiet periods.
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Why you should outsource your email marketing

In terms of the statistics behind the options, only around 6 per cent of small businesses outsource their email writing to email marketing agencies and copywriters. Although it isn’t true for all, a lot of small businesses fail as they struggle to figure out their own ways of creating effective marketing campaigns. They might cost too much, the ROI could be disappointing, or their email designs are just plain, basic and boring to read – That’s why using an email marketing agency is a great option for your small business.
An email marketing agency has tried and trusted designs, strategies and staff, who can optimise your email marketing content to look professional, and work as a way to generate solid leads and better click-through rates. Compare an agency to someone you hire internally, and the latter most likely won’t have a market-leading email design up their sleeve, but an email marketing agency will. 
It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to use an agency for your email campaigns either, you should only be quoted for elements like the resources you opt to have set up for you, and the emails you want to design – For smaller businesses with requirements that aren’t going to be extortionate, the cost of outsourcing your email marketing can be much lower than if you were to hire your own marketing staff, who might set you back upwards of £1500-£2000 per month, per employee!
By now, you might have made your mind up already, 
1 – Because you have read this far down the page (An example of reader engagement).
2 – You are now on the search for a great email marketing agency to outsource to.
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Luckily, here at MailNinja, we are Mailchimp’s number one email marketing agency. For effective email marketing, you are going to need somebody to manage each of the following roles:
  • Strategy management – What to send, when and why.
  • Copywriter – What to write so that your emails work.
  • Graphic designer – So your emails look good visually when opened, and when unopened.
  • HTML coding – So you can make your emails mobile and desktop-friendly – Basically so they work from any device.
  • Deliverability expert – The steps taken to make sure your emails get to the inbox (Instead of the junk and spam folders!).
  • Data analysis – What to track and why (Click-through rates, sales conversion, open rates etc).
At Mailninja, we will provide all of these services into a single and manageable package – So you don’t have to worry about trying to prioritise your email marketing, saving you time and stress.
“…we’re a small business like you, so we get it”
Starting a business can be daunting, but that’s actually the easy part. Continuing to reward and nurture customers is the tricky part. That’s where we step in: we help you to engage with your audience and turn subscribers into customers, and customers into fans.
Making the decision to outsource email marketing to somebody like us here at MailNinja takes away the mentality of “send an email” being a part of your to-do list. The only difference is, you’ll get better results, without the hassle of managing all of the work on your own, as that is where we step in.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements:
Alternatively, use our live chat option, to speak to an expert.

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