The 4 most effective forms of ecommerce email marketing

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Pin-pointing the best email content that effectively attracts the most attention.

For ecommerce sites especially, marketing is key for making your presence known and drawing in those customers. Once you have obtained a substantial client base, marketing can then be used to make sure you sustain continuing sales and get them coming back for more. A great way to stay in touch with your customers is through email marketing. It’s direct, it can be personalised and it’s the best way to target an audience that has willingly shown interest in your company and what you have to offer. So, how do you make the most out of this marketing strategy? Well, for starters, you can begin by recognising what form of content is proven to attract the most customer attention and start applying it to your company. According to stats, and our experience here at Limely, here are some forms of email marketing that we have found the most effective!

– Welcome Emails
The Welcome Email is what can be sent directly to the customer once they have entered their email into your site. The content is usually very representative of your company; providing a little snippet of what your customer can expect from you, whilst saying a quick hello and informing them of all the exciting and exclusive benefits they’ll now receive.

The 4 most effective forms of ecommerce email marketing

These emails have been found to be very effective in terms of open rates, deemed 86% more effective than a standard email newsletter. This email type has a long list of benefits and allows for optimised content which can include personalised and friendly text as well as call-to-action links which lead users back to your site. The welcome email effectively ‘sets expectation’ for your company; informing your new customers of your style, your service and that you’re a site that they’ll want to return to.

– Anniversary / Event Emails
This can cover a number of email types, as it’s all about adhering email content to certain events. This can either involve retail events, public holidays and even customer birthdays in which can be acquired through the initial sign-up process. Adapting emails to certain popular retail events are a great way to draw in the attention of the customer during a time of increased spending and directly inform them that your site is the place to be for all the essentials.

The 4 most effective forms of ecommerce email marketing

Emails that correlate with the customer’s birthday are very effective as they reflect your level of customer service and create a direct and unique connection to your customer. These types of emails can also be interlaced with exclusive promotions, personal to that customer, encouraging sales and setting an excellent precedent for regular customers.

– Exclusive Offers / Customer Gifts
Whilst on the topic of offers and promotions, they can also be used as a form of email marketing all on their own, especially when applied exclusively to those on your mail list.

The 4 most effective forms of ecommerce email marketing

Highlighting these discounts in the email snippet as well as the content will not only ensure increased opening rates but help sustain a high level of click-through rates by those wanting to take advantages of offers.

– Abandoned Cart Emails
When the checkout process isn’t completed due to customers leaving the site before purchasing their selected products, it is referred to as an Abandoned Cart. If they have used their email during checkout, or have an account with your company, email marketing in the form of abandoned cart reminders have been proven to be very effective when it comes to attracting customers back to your site.

The 4 most effective forms of ecommerce email marketing

Sitting at 45%, Abandoned cart emails have very good open rates and have the added benefit of linking the user back to your site, potentially to complete their purchase which, according to statistics, 10.7% of users do.

Utilsing Email Marketing

To fully reap the benefits of email marketing, it’s important to make sure that you are churning out relevant information and styles that are going to do nothing but benefit your ecommerce site. Utilising these forms of email marketing will help your business gain the advantages of this effective type of marketing, as they help maintain happy and engaged customers and most importantly, returning business.

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