When is the best time of the day to send out emails?

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Email marketing is an effective form of growing your brand, keeping your clients updated with things like your newest products or events that are on the horizon, but is there a best time to send out your emails?

Technically, there is no set time deemed best because a lot of the success rates depend about which product you are selling, and which department they can fall under, so trial and error forms much of the way forward. However, there is some data available on this to crunch.

Morning offers the best open rate

Whenever you send out an email, whether it is a campaign, a newsletter or any piece of information, the one thing you need to happen before anything is it gets opened right? Statistically, if you send your email at 8 am it has a 20.32% opening rate and a respectable enough 7.79 click-through percentage.

Do not be too late in the morning when clicking send on your email though, because it is understood that results drop off dramatically on communications sent at 10 am. The open rate only goes down 0.5 per cent but orders are said to half in number.

Newsletter have more success in the afternoon

1 pm appears to be the best time to fire out your newsletter, possibly as this is the time when most people are on their lunch break, meaning that they have time on their hands to read it immediately, either on their computer or smartphone.

The bare numbers such as open and click rates are not as high as they could be, but general performance, particularly order numbers, are of a high level if you send your newsletter at this time.

Later the better for high order rates

Ultimately, the business world is all about generating orders, and statistically, you are most likely to get the highest level of them if you send your campaign out around 4 pm. Each campaign averages 10.66 orders at this time according to recent statistics, which is a high number.

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* Statistics from Omnisend

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